Amazon states strengthen REDD+

Meeting of representatives of the MMA and local governments stressed the importance of unifying actions that reduce emissions from deforestation

Written on 2015/08/17
Jorge Cardoso / MMA
Gaetani (C): Defence consensus

By: Lucas Tolentino - Editing: Marco Moreira

The federal government discussed with officials LOCAL Ways to strengthen Emission Reduction Programs FOR Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD +). The Executive Secretary of the MMA, Francisco Gaetani, met, on Monday (17/08), with Medium Environment Secretaries of State que comprising the Brazilian Amazon paragraph analyze means to implement policies aimed at the conservation and biome Recovery .

The intention and efforts to strengthen and unify as Actions taken in the forest. Of the Agreement with Gaetani, Several measures are underway in the Amazon and are responsible ?? By significant reduction of deforestation rates * Last year nos. "You need to establish consensus and hum A platform paragraph trabalhar THAT MATTER" he argued. "In the international environment, such as REDD + negotiations are progressing, but we need a common language."


The experts finalized in June as methodological DISCUSSIONS Required To Advance REDD +. In the UN framework, agreed Were Three que decisions should be validated in Marked summit paragraph Next December in Paris. A main one set que as existing guidelines Pará as REDD + safeguards sufficient São Paulo. These safeguards ensure, by example, that Indigenous Issues and respected nos Projects in progress.

Much of the negotiations revolves around the financial investments nos REDD + programs. For the Secretary of Climate Change and Environmental Quality MMA, Carlos Klink, a Question of and fundamental to the success of measures. "There is no structural decisions Says Respect the funding," exemplified. "Also it is need to focus on the development of type Para que seek paragraph the country and how other Regions."


CREATED in 2003 and updated in 2010, the term REDD + mechanism representation hum reduction of greenhouse effect gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, including the role of conservation of forest carbon stocks, sustainable management do forests and enhancement of carbon stocks do.

As REDD + safeguards guarantee, paragraph fins Financial Investments, that aspects As an indigenous question and biodiversity conservation, the other between, are respected NAS Initiatives in Development. Thus, as donors Entities Resources Terao one que proof of how REDD + ACTIVITIES take into account all issues as agreed at global level.

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