Announced joint actions for forests

World leaders recognize significant contribution to sustainable development.

Written on 2015/11/30
Paulo de Araújo /MMA
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By: Marta Moraes - Publisher: Marco Moreira

Heads of government and ministers of the leading countries with forests and partner nations came together on Monday (30/11) at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (cop21), in Paris, to present a vision for forests and the impacts formed by the weather changes.

During the event, the commitment was signed to adopt urgent measures, collectively, to promote equitable rural economic development and at the same time, slow down, halt and reverse deforestation, increasing significantly forest restoration.


The view was supported by Brazil, Australia, Canada, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, France, Gabon, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Liberia, Norway, Peru, and the United States. This is a pioneering meeting of leaders specifically on forests. The session was coordinated by the Secretary General of the United Nations Climate Change and former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson.

According to the document signed by the leaders, more than 1 billion people depend directly on forests for their livelihoods and the rest, approximately six billion people, depend on forests indirectly to a variety of economic, social and environmental benefits, such as rain, biodiversity, pollination, carbon storage, clean water, among others. Forests also play a key role in many countries in their ability to adapt to a changing climate.

The document also says that millions of hectares of forest are lost each year worldwide and it is possible to protect and restore forests, ensure food security and promote the development of sustainable and equitable manner.

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