Brasilian Northeast debate environmental agenda

Meeting at SUDENE addresses combating desertification, dealing with drought and strengthening of institutions and instruments of environmental regulation.

Written on 2015/09/18
meeting in Recife: Joint Action

By Marta Moraes - Publisher: Marco Moreira

The Ministry of Environment (MMA) participated, on Friday (18/09), the Forum Environment and Regional Development : Outlook 2016/2019, which is being held at the Superintendency for the Development of the Northeast (SUDENE), in Recife. The meeting brings together representatives of the departments of Environment and federal institutions with expertise in environmental issues.

The purpose of the event is to bring together those involved in the issue to promote a discussion focusing on the contributions contained in the Regional Plan Northeast Development (PRDNE), coordinated by SUDENE. The discussions also revolve around current environmental agenda -. Regional and national


According to the director of the Department to Combat Desertification MMA Francis Campello, the meeting is emblematic because it brings the opportunity to address the issue of environmental assets in promoting sustainable development of the region. "The Forum strengthens the role of integration of public policies in the northeast and the implementation of the National Policy to Combat Desertification and Mitigate the Effects of Drought" he said.

With this, the federal government intends to promote actions use of natural resources and sustainable production initiatives in areas susceptible to desertification to avoid land degradation. Includes measures such as the use of mechanisms of protection, preservation, conservation and restoration of natural resources. The text sets out principles and objectives of the policy and authorizes the Executive to create the National Commission to Combat Desertification (CNCD)

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