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Operation combat illegal logging

Ibama, MPF, PF and PRF closes sawmills and holds timber in joint action in Maranhão.

Written on 2016/03/10
Ibama file
Operation: sawmills closed

From Communication Ibama

Ibama, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), the Federal Police (PF) and the Federal Highway Police (PRF) closed sawmills and loggers arrested in joint operation to combat illegal logging in Maranhao. The suit, filed on Wednesday (09/03) resulted so far in the arrest of 11 people and disabling ten illegal sawmills located around the Indigenous Lands (TIs) High Turiaçu, Caru and Awa, besides the Biological Reserve Gurupi, in the northwest of the state. About 200 servers participate in this work.

Operation Lignum (Latin wood) is the result of public civil action filed by the MPF to prevent the advance of forest degradation in protected areas and work continued that the public institutions involved have been conducting in the region.

Until the morning of Thursday (10/03), Ibama held ten fines for environmental violations, totaling R $ 1.7 million in fines. They were also seized four trucks and a forklift, plus the ten embargoed and disabled sawmills. The PF arrested 11 people involved in environmental crimes, ten arrests in flagrante and preventive, and also seized two weapons. The PRF seized eight trucks used to transport illegal timber and acts on the safety of the operation, which had technical support from the Civil Goiás Police (GT3), the Civil Police of the Federal District (DOE) and the Military Police Environmental Maranhao.

"It was really a joint effort, conducted from planning to the implementation of the constricting measures. In many cases it was even carried out the destruction of equipment in sawmills, which often had already been sealed, fined, fined and could not in circumstances be working, "said the prosecutor of Environment and Traditional Peoples of the MPF / MA, Alexandre Silva Soares told a news conference held on Thursday in the MPF / MA headquarters.


The general coordinator of Ibama's Environmental Inspection, Jair Schmitt, said that in recent years as a result of actions conducted by these institutions, there was a reduction of exploited wood volume. "In 2014 we have records of about 100,000 cubic meters of exploited wood. In 2015 this number dropped to 50,000 cubic meters of wood and our expectation, with the completion of this transaction is that the reduction is even greater," he said. < /p>

The illegally harvested timber from protected areas is transported in trucks adapted (toreiros) by illegal extensions to the sawmills, which process and market timber for consumption in Maranhao and in other states. This degradation has caused great damage to the ILs, which are the last massive Amazon forest in the state where live indigenous even in voluntary isolation.

The legal logging can be carried out through plans for sustainable forest management and utilization due authorization removal of vegetation for alternative land use. However, this was not the situation of the operation, as some authorized areas were rigged to cover up illegal timber. Other actions are scheduled to take place throughout the region. "Based on these initial calculations of the act, were brought 7 procedures that will continue the investigation," said the delegate Julio Lemos Shadow, Head of Enforcement Police Crimes Against the Environment and Heritage History of PF.

"It is gratifying to participate in this size operations, because what is most important strip are the key words to the success of any operation: integration and cooperation, and coordination of actions," said the superintendent of the PRF in Maranhão , inspector Paul Moreno.

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