Sustainability: committee has another meeting

In debate, sectors such as agriculture, industry, retail, construction, financial markets and government procurement and private

Written on 2015/12/16
Jorge Cardoso /MMA
Sustainability: the agenda

By Tina Dornelas - Publisher: Marco Moreira

Representatives of civil society and sector institutions financial, business and government, which are part of the Committee National Manager of Sustainable Production and Consumption, gathered in morning of Tuesday (15/12), the Ministry of Environment. At occasion, strategies were discussed to mainstream environmental in specific sectors of the economy - agriculture, industry, retail, construction, financial market and public and private contracts.

The Environment Minister, Izabella Teixeira, presented the challenges that Brazil will have in the coming years and pointed aspects the relevant question under the national and international point of view. He stressed that the sustainable production and consumption will gain contours strategic and ever more structuring within the global multilateralism and economic and trade relations between countries.

"It's not just environmental, we are talking about development, generation employment, reduction of regional disparities, conscience and style options of life, "said the minister. also He stressed that everyone is looking for new ways to sustentabilidadee Brazil is able to structure and consolidate the results faster than everyone else.


To Izabella Teixeira, the government has a key role with respect to sustainable public finances, which have high possibility induction of new governance practices. "This is a new way to relate to society and dealing with regional differences of Brazil, "he explained. "We need to have a broader vision and look bolder paths that are set today. "

With the commitments made at the Conference of Parties (COP 21) closed this weekend in Paris, Brazil will have to prepare for the challenges of the coming years, he warned the minister. "THE climate agenda connects Brazil at the international level and vice versa " He explained. "There's a lot to be done in terms of growth, social inclusion and environmental protection. We are not underage gaming, we are decisive. "

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