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BMV Program

Who We Are

Brazil Mata Viva is a methodology that was developed through a network of partner companies, whose mission is to generate and develop solutions Sustainability..

This methodology is based on the PES (Payments for Environmental Services), which generates as a product Credit Forest. This credit is generated from the preservation of forest areas (including PPAs and Legal Reserve) are in private farms or in public conservation areas. The Credit Forests is classified as an "intangible, incorporeal, tradable and transferable.".

By Brazil Mata Viva Program, farmers are joined in 'Development Centers' through an association legitimized in open court, and undertake to preserve 100% of their 'environmental assets' (= native forests + your carbon stock + its biodiversity + water + land use + agricultural production).

The BMV program combines human activity, environmental protection, food production and renewable energy, providing the maintenance of life on the planet through actions that avoid deforestation associated with the improvement of living conditions of the local community.

What we do

Develop and shelter projects that include the Sustainability in three dimensions - Social, Environmental e Economic - It is made possible by the contributions of participation through credit instrument called Credit Forest, from "Certificate Sustainability Credit Unit" - UCS (Cerificados de Créditos de Sustentabilidade).


Our Culture

The Brazil Mata Viva Movement means the achievement of sustainable development will present in rural communities organized in our associations.

We, when we use the methodology developed over the past decade, we substance at ease when we meet the economic tools needed to create the Brazil Mata Viva Program in each project, thus initiating the creation of the Polo for Sustainable Development.

Each Polo brings together the latent cultural characteristics of each region represented by voting and identified in the public hearings when the foundation of each Project.

The identified these choices, put together the most comprehensive and advanced concepts of Economic Development, Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility for to promote a revolution in relations between residents, their homes and the environment that welcomes them.

The Movement is thus the joint construction of a better tomorrow for all.

Since farmers to partner companies, we believe that only through unity can take care of our planet and enhance the lives existing in it.

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Our Tools

To develop our tools, we choose the best traditional elements and combine them with the latest scientific and technological innovations. Thus, we are creating the most comprehensive and accurate solutions for farmers and for the investor. With competence and transparency, we strive to be a major player in creating a better world. We have three fundamental tools for our work:

Brasil Mata Viva Program

The IMEI Consulting holds the intellectual property of this that today is one of the most advanced tools for environmental preservation and promotion of productive activities for regional development that address relevant cultural nuances to the participating communities.

Productive Matrix

As the core of each Polo Sustainable Development, Productive Matrix is specially designed according to the needs, vocations and desires of rural communities where the project is developed. An accurate and comprehensive mathematical model that enables the production and facilitates runoff, planting the seeds of development to serve the education of children promoter and training of professionals in the communities where we operate and neighboring regions. Another role is to encourage and implement the joint creation of factories and collective ownership of Associations industries.

Forest Credit

The Forest Credit headlines individual or institution as a sponsor (a) a broad and structured sustainable development system of rural productive activities, by inserting the preparation and the commitment of communities established there, whose members are the direct beneficiaries of the results of modern processes implemented. Once issued the certificate has then a right, translated into much UCSvtBMV, which may be used for the following purposes:
  • As securities weights in loans;
  • As securities environmental and social compensation;
  • As a tool to leverage resources in the promotion of regional sustainable development;
  • As memberships in the SPEs;
  • How Carbon Credits (voluntary emissions).
The Forest Credit as recognition of the human intitulamento to enjoy the healthy environment, allows the expansion of individual liberties to be based primarily on the pillars (i) economic development, (ii) environmental ethics, and (iii) social responsibility.


Our Consolidation

The Brazil Mata Viva Movement brings together its processing power and protection to be a coherent and effective response to the systematic destruction of nature that affects the entire planet. Thanks to the proportions of our projects, we are able to protect and ensure the value of life on earth of a historically unprecedented way. We are aware of the challenge, and we put ourselves at the forefront of sustainable development because we believe in a better world to everyone.

Our strength is the result of the accession of our partners, suppliers and agents committed to the goals is reached. Like an anthill, our strength comes from the individual ability to transform the environment around us and by promoting joint protection of each participant, placed in a larger context of care with the Earth and its life forms. Cohesion is gold, marriage is the solution.
Escola Santa Cruz do Xingu Assembleia Ambiente


BMV Standard

What is the BMV Standard?

The set of standards, protocols, procedures and actions governing the development of projects that aims, protection, preservation and conservation, in accordance with Brazil Mata Viva Program. The program houses project financing in order to reconcile the protection of the natural environment with recovery and improvement of the condition of human life

Through the articulation of various partners, enterprises, universities and scientists from various parts of the world we developed a new replicable economic model, with environmental protection, development of rural communities and sustainable basis for the entire production process. The Standard operates in the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental, creating conditions to preserve life and at the same time, finance economic and social development

Origin of Credits

The Forest Credits are bonds generated from investment projects certification in forest protection and production of food and energy in rural areas that integrate with Brazil Mata Viva Program.

Owners of rural areas adhere to Brazil Mata Viva Program. Their areas are registered and inventoried, measuring up their Natural Heritage - based on the inventory of forest carbon stocks, biodiversity, water resources, opportunity cost of the land, among other factors. Farmers voluntarily join the program and commit to actions related to local sustainable agricultural development and investment in social aspects. This commitment is recorded and monitored and must follow the requirements of Productive Activity Plan and Environmental Compliance. - PAPA

The Land Use Project presented on PAPA provides for the rural activity and protection of native areas It contains the inventory of Environmental Heritage of Rural Property measured from the cubic meter of wood Native of farm forest areas and this is equivalent to stored carbon. To become environmental heritage is carried out in the area of ??inventory stock of native wood, mapped water resources, quantified the biomass and soil carbon stocks, fulfilling all Sustainability Credit cycle: The UCS certificate is issued from verification, validation, certification and registration by institutions Third parts:

Brasil Mata Viva Recognition

Management Company:

  • IMEI CONSULTORIA - Generation of Sustainability Credit Units;

Third Parties:

      • ICQ Brasil - Certification Body accredited by Inmetro;
      • TÜV RHEINLAND (German) – Designated Operational Entity (DOE) accredited UN. Attesting to the active measurement of quantification: (Certification ISO 65 / German);
      • UNESP - Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio de Mesquita Filho” (State Universit);
      • BMTCA (Londres) – International Distributor of Securities;
      • JULIAN TURNBULL partner Shakespeare Martineau – International Legal Assistance - London - United Kingdom;


Partner Organizations:

Tecnical e Scientific;

Private companies;

Decrees / Laws:

      • State Government of Mato Grosso: 

        • Lei n° 9.497 (Teles Pires Mata Viva);
        • Lei n° 8.981 (Xingu Mata Viva); It provides for the official recognition of the Xingu Mata Viva Program as public interest and environmental
        • Lei n° 9.498.(Arinos Mata Viva).
      • Government of Mato Grosso do Sul State:. In DECREE 13,777, OF 7 OCTOBER 2013

      • City of Goiás (Recognition and establishment of the 'Seal Vila Boa Sustainability').


    • Ministério da Agricultura e Pecuária(MAPA) - Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
    • Universidade - UNESP
    • Inovarh Institute (Agriculture Federation of Goias State)
    • Sociedade Goiana de Pecuária e Agricultura (Goiás Society of Livestock and Agriculture)
    • Sindicato da Construção Civil de Goiás - SINDUSCON - GO (Union of Construction of Goias)
    • Sindicato das Industrias de Alimentação de Anápolis - GO (Union of Food Industries of Annapolis - GO)
    • Barretos City Hall - SP
    • Hall of Santa Cruz do Xingu - MT
    • Associação de Produtores do Núcleo XIngu (Producers Association Core)
    • Associação de Produtores do Núcleo Arinos (Producers Association Core)
    • Associação de Produtores do Núcleo Teles Pires (Producers Association Core)
    • Associação de Produtores do Núcleo Madeira (Producers Association Core)
    • Associação de Produtores do Núcleo Araguaia (Producers Association Core)


Our Scientific Partners


Our Business Partners